"But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow, be patient! For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day." Habakkuk 2:3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Friends Gotcha Day video-another great one!

Young Life - Washington Family Ranch - Summer Camp

June 17 - 24, 2011

Within a half hour of arriving at the Ranch House, Zachary & Nathan had captured a Lizard

Isn't he cute!

Seble even thought it was interesting

"Hey! Bring him back here!"

We even found a tick

We tried to "corral" the kids but it didn't work too well

Camp Nurses
for Session 1, Camp 1
Amber & Sarah

Noah in the pool, ALL to himself!

The pool belonged to the Stutzmans & Hohenshelts....

Logan skips the diving board and heads straight to the high diving board


Noah off the diving board

Cassidy ready to jump off the high board

Jacobs turn off the high board

Zachary's turn off the high board

Amber posing as the life guard

Logan's last jump in

The first of the 720 campers for the week arrive.
The campers exit their bus and head through the gauntlet of camper staff yelling and hollering.
Fun scene to watch as the staff get the campers all hyped up for the fun filled week!

Stutzman & Hohenshelt kids pose for a picture in an original
Oregon Trail wagon that had been refurbished.

Seble, Cassidy & Logan

Amber & Cassidy playing ping-pong before Amber had to leave to check in campers medications

Jacob getting ready to play pool

Amber, Sarah & Maree working hard at organizing all the campers medical forms

Logan at bat on the Wiffle Ball Field playing ball with a few of the early campers that arrived

Noah up to bat on the Wiffle Ball Field

Noah ended up hitting the wiffle ball out of the park. HOME RUN!!!!
(the guy on the other side of the fence is chasing down the ball)

Annual photo on the wagon in front of the Iron Kettle (Dining Hall)
                                    Time for TEAM COMPETITION
Each group of campers had to come up with a team theme and get dressed for some competitive games.
Hawaiian Girls with Straw Hats

Hawaiian Grass Skirt Boys

Far back is the Purple Butterflies (all equipped with wings)

This was the Bride and Bridesmaid Team
All in Bridesmaid dresses and one in a Wedding dress!

The Smurfs
They painted their bodies blue

The Too-Too Group

The Black Garbage Bag Shirts (and some shorts)

The Ladybugs
(with antennas)

Pirate Head Bandannas with matching Red Shirts

Team Lime shirts

Painters Group
All wearing clear plastic painter coveralls

Grass Skirt / Multi-colored shirt Team

Wonder Women Team
Picture doesn't show it but each girl had
a set of golden wings cut out on their chest
Just like Wonder Women - Pretty good outfits

This Team Won!!!!
The Intel Blue Man Group

Competitive game of Dodge-Ball

Here the team would have one driver in one of the Ridge Runners.
He would drive while the rest of the team would push the runner around the orange cones and back to the starting line.  Once they got back, the driver would jump out, another driver from another team jump in and the new team start pushing.  This was a combined team competition.

It was getting warm.  It was time to get back into the pool.
Dad & Seble enjoying the water

Seble floating solo

Seble clinging to the pool wall

Seble swimming with big brother Jacob

Noah & Zachary looking right into the sun, posing for a picture.
Today is Noah's 8th Birthday!!!!

Cassidy & Logan

Bad pictures due to the shutter speed being SO slow.
Anyway, this is the Medical Team heading out to the air field.
The First LIFE FLIGHT of the week.

The white streak in the sky, upper left, is life flight coming into the camp.

Life Flight above the Ranch House as they circled the camp trying to figure out where they were suppose to land. 

The middle white light is the Life Flight Helicopter.  The other light is a cars lights on bright as the air strip lights were not working correctly.  Only three lights came on which made it difficult for the pilots to know where they were suppose to land.

Amber at the Med-ex Trailer (Medical Express Trailer) getting ready to hand out medications to the campers that needed their medication.
                                          Famous Ridge Runners -
Not sure what they plan on doing with them as they have been replaced with the new go-cart circuit.


with Seble in a distant third


Logan and his imagination of steering a horse drawn covered wagon


Noah applying the break with Zachary & Logan as passengers

Ended up finding a baby bird on the side of the Sports Center.
Must have fallen out of its nest.  Hope the poor guy makes it!

The Washington Family Ranch sign just outside the Sports Center

Other side of the sign - Washington Family Sports Center with the Sports Center in the background.

                                               MESSY GAMES

The last game of the messy games they brought out the flour, shaving cream or whipping cream and water.  Some got pretty messy!
Here Noah is in the middle wearing a blue shirt.

Zachary in green & Nathan in red, chasing the girl in blue that we met and nailed her with a hand full of shaving cream on her neck.  She got revenge with the boys though.

Zachary & Noah taking a break on the fence during the Messy Games

Pedestrians, WATCH-OUT!!!!!
Noah & Amber

The new Go-Cart circuit they just finished.  They were getting ready to pour the concrete the week we left the end of March.  They then built the whole garage section in that time too.  They completed A LOT of work in time for the first week of summer camp.  Nicely Done!

Mom, Seble & Zachary waiting on the Medical Golf Cart while waiting to drive the go-carts

This night, the kids found a bull frog in the front yard of the Ranch House.  Nice find!

Kermit, is that you?

This particular night was the Carnival.  They had it all set-up and turned out the lights as they distracted the campers with someone on the zip line at night.  After he landed in the water, they flipped the carnival lights on and ALL the campers came running into the carnival.  It was SO fun.  It actually felt so much like a carnival with all the people, the music blaring loud, games, snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy.  It was a BLAST!

Skeet Ball

Crazy Driver

Chicken Chucker

Bozo Toss

Barrel Race

Noah & Nathan competing in the barrel race

Even had the traditional Sledge Hammer Swing to hit the bell at the top

Barn Yard Launch

Water Balloon Throw
After winning tickets at other games, once you get so many tickets, you get to pick someone to sit behind the screen and you get to throw water balloons at them.

Can you guess who was the lucky one to sit behind the screen? 

Even though it was 10:30 at night and the water balloons were cold, it was fun to get involved. 

This was Cassidy & Zachary's Sunday School Teacher a few years back from Salem Evangelical Church.  She was a Young Life Leader and just happened to have her group at this weeks session.

Bottle Toss

Jacob & Connor trying to ring a bottle

Logan tossing a ring. 
This particular picture, that yellow ring was the one that actually made it on a bottle.

Noah's turn

Cowboy Wrestling

This looked like so much fun.  Never seen it done before but so simple.  All campers had fun on this one.  They even had a guy in his electric cart go.  It was Great!

Nathan & Noah's attempt at "Cowboy Wrestling"

Ball Bingo

Cowpie Fly
Pretty funny - they have Frisbee's in the shape of a cowpie.  Had to toss them into a wooden barrel.  Amber & Zachary did pretty good!

Pie Eating Contest


Traditional Sack Race

The famous DUNK TANK
Campers collected tickets and got to dunk their leader
Jeramy Williams - Keizer Young Life Leader getting into the Dunk Tank

Jeramy going down

Jeramy after being dunked with his students laughing.  What a sport!

They even had the center stage with music playing

Cotton Candy anyone?

Was that good, even at such a late hour :-)

Logan enjoying a bag of popcorn

Cassidy & Mom in line for a Snow Cone

Logan attempting the BarnYard Launch to get more tickets

Now Zachary's turn

Jacob launching a cow

Cassidy with a great shot

Noah aiming up his Dalmatian pup

High flying pup

The actors got everyone to sit down and on the count of three, showed them a magic trick. 
As everyone counted to three, the lights went out and we got to watch a Firework show!

Amber and Seble wiped out
                                                 Pool Party
A large SPLASH party

Another competition between teams - this was a treasure hunt.
Many things were in the pool - they had to jump in and collect all they could.

While watching the pool party, people started to look behind us.  We turned to see these clouds.
This picture DOES NOT show justice as I was told because of the lens filter I had on my camera, it took away the colors.  The large white cloud above Logan's head, top of the mountain, was complete multi colors.  It was just like the Northern Lights in Alaska.  It was AMAZING.  Still not sure what caused it.

This particular picture shows a bit more color but still DOES NOT show justice as to how COOL it really was.

Picnic lunch outside today.  Medical Team got to get our food from the kitchen.  Awesome Kitchen!

Zachary coming down the Zip Line

Zachary just touching down on the water

Nice landing Zach

Seble in her Bikini. 

Playing on the Beach

Logan on the trampoline in the lake

Cassidy attempting the log roll

Zachary jumping onto the Blob (Burrito)
You crawl to the end and the next person that jumps on ends up launching you into the lake

Zachary ends up catching another bull frog near the Blob

Mom & Seble in the pool
                                                 Western Night
Hannah getting Amber's hair ready

The "Western" Stutzmans

Noah & Nathan

Noah & Nathan act out a fighting scene in front of all the campers

Posing in front of the trailer fold-out of the western town scene.

Amber & Sarah

The Hohenshelt Family

Zachary and Miss Abra-Ca-Debra

Zachary and "Very Long Name Smith" but you can call him Mica

Kids enjoying the Western Dinner together at one table

Logan & Mom, Square Dancing through the ages that night

Top of Communication Hill looking at the new Junior High Camp, Creekside

Looking at the High School Camp, Canyon
(Notice the three small people near the tree on the trail below)

Same picture of Canyon but at the location of where those three people were at

Ranch House (white building)

View of the trail up the ridge of Communication Hill

Zachary going up on the swing

Down he goes

Spencer, Hannah & Sarah coming down on the swing

Amber, Logan & Adam

Even Logan got to go this time. 

Going up

Coming down....Weeeeeeee

Hannah & Cassidy coming down the Zip Line

Touch down on the water

Another nice landing by both

Hannah & Cassidy ready for another ride on the Zip Line

Cassidy in front of Creeksides Rope Coarse
Very neat ropes coarse.  It's all tracked in and you get to go up three stories.

The starting point of the ropes coarse.  Start on the second floor of the cabin.  Pretty neat set-up

Creekside Jr. High Camps Water slide

Muddy Station (dining hall)

Cassidy up on the Canyon's Rope Coarse

Adam with Noah transferring from one cable to the next

Adam & Noah on the "bridge" section

Cassidy crossing "the swaying log"

Zachary starting the ropes coarse

Amber starting the ropes coarse

Logan playing with one of the staffers on top of the ropes coarse

Staffer playing with Logan below.
Here she hauls up his noodle he tied to her rope.

Cassidy crossing the "net bridge"

Noah crossing the "net bridge"

Cassidy on the "tight wire"

Mom & Zachary crossing "the swaying log"

Hannah, Spencer & Nathan starting the ropes coarse

Zachary & Amber crossing the "net bridge"

Cassidy making the final cross to the last platform

Noah making his last crossing too.  At this point, he started loosing it.  It's pretty wobbly and he was done.

Zachary making it to the last platform

Mom making it to the last platform with Sarah in the background trying to cross the "tight wire"

Dress-up Dinner
This is suppose to be our dress up dinner.  Due to running late on the Ropes Coarse, we were lucky enough to make it back to the Iron Kettle (dining hall) for dinner.  O'well.  Maybe next year it will be planned were we have more time to go back to change.

Dr. Liz was one of the Doctors there.  She fell and badly sprained her thumb and scraped up her knee.  She thought it may be broken.  Jacob & Paramedic Larry drew this up where she fell along with a memorial of dying iris's.  Glad Dr. Liz is okay!

This time they sent an airplane Life Flight.  It came flying straight over the Ranch House.
Pretty Cool

The Life Flight plane is taking off heading directly for us.
(had to video instead of taking a picture)

The Stutzman Family on the Ranch House steps

2011 Camp
Medical Team & Family

Our Airport Homecoming for our 2nd Adoption~

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"Although it may not always be obvious to us, there seems to be one distinct moment when God begins a new story in each of our lives. He writes words on our hearts that long to be spoken and strain to be lived out. Then with His own great hand, He begins to write the script. Experience by experience through seemingly ordinary days, He supernaturally orders our lives. Only when we look back and reflect on what appeared to have been the ordinary events of life does it become clear what a miracle the Lord has performed." Jan Beazely

LUCY LANE-AGCI-ADOPTION VIDEO! This inspired us to follow our dream!


What Adoption is About! What a Testimony! Lundy's Adoption

We Love this family and this video is inspiring!