"But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow, be patient! For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day." Habakkuk 2:3

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Above and Beyond All that we could ask for!

Today I am just reflecting a bit and thinking about this last week and a half. As most of you know, we are selling Christmas trees as a fundraiser for our adoption. This fundraiser has gone so far above and beyond anything that we ever thought it would! I was thinking that maybe we would sell a few trees and that would be it-well, you all had other ideas! :-) We have only been doing this for not quite 2 weeks and already have sold over 140 trees. People that know us and people that don't have all come together to support us and this adoption adventure and we are SO grateful! Family, Friends and even TOTAL strangers are often giving us checks for $25, $25, or even $50 for ONE tree-it has been unreal! One anonymous lady saw our sign at the Pill Box Pharmacy here in Silverton and left $15 for us to give someone who didn't have a tree one for Christmas-that is the 2nd person to do that! We have had people from out of town stop and get trees, we have had people that saw our add about it on Craigslist drive from South Salem to get a tree and they don't even know us, but wanted to support our adoption. To think that people we don't even know would go out of their way to help us has just made me speechless. I am so inspired by the generosity of others and there are not words to say to thank everyone!
People from Silverton, Salem, church friends, family, people from our work and the PD have all come together to make this thing so much more than we ever thought-thank you again and again!
Last weekend, after Adam came back from cutting 10 trees, they were all gone within an hour! I had to take 5 peoples names and numbers and they hung around Silverton for an hour and a half until Adam got back here with more trees! Then that night, Adam had his friend, Spencer, help him, borrowed a truck and borrowed a larger trailer and cut 39-well, within 48hrs. we had 2 left!!
To say that Adam is exhausted is an understatement, but he is also excited as well-he is running back and forth-especially on the weekends and can only get about 10 trees in our small utility trailer-so he may try and borrow a truck and larger trailer again and do larger loads for this weekend.
We haven't heard of any new baby referrals this month and are hoping that we start hearing some soon-we can't believe we are in the 20's but now the teens are looking good! :-) Hopefully with the courts just opening up and now new travel groups getting their children the last few weeks, the referral's will start coming.
thanks you all once again for your support-it means the world to us-love to you all!
We are excited to see what these last 2 weeks before Christmas does-we will be selling trees up through the 23rd-so if any of you or someone you knows wants, one, stop by or let us know and we can deliver it. We have been told time and again that they love these trees and all the praise for them goes to our friend Brad Young of Scott's Mills who is selling them to us for $4 each. They are beautiful trees and are ALL Nobles. You can get any size for $15.
Some of you know, but we are blessed to be having a story on our family, our adoption and our tree sales come out in the paper that gets mailed to every house in Silverotn and it should come out this week-this was a true blessing from the Lord-and hopefully we will get the word out there more and sell more trees!


  1. I didn't realize how many trees you guys have sold! I don't doubt for a second how tired Adam is! Wowee!!
    Praise the Lord for providing. I hope that this weekend there will be more "Abigail Trees" in people's homes!
    We love ours :)

  2. Praising God for you all in your fun fundraiser!!! WOW! How amazing!


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