"But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow, be patient! For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day." Habakkuk 2:3

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Week-superheroes, baby registry, Locks of Love, and court info.

This has been an eventful week-as you will read below-one thing that we loved-was we had a superhero visit our house and he is talented in that he can become MORE than one superhero in the blink of an eye!! Check it out...

My mom made Abby this adorable onsie skirt dress-out of a onsie and some material!!! I love it! check it out-too cute!! Thanks mom!

We also finally got to go and register this week at Target for our baby registry!
We didn't keep anything from Logan so are pretty much starting from scratch-but thanks to my sister-in-law, we have gotten some things from my niece that she is done with-I have to say that it is amazing in the last 5 years what new gadgets and stuff they have come up with! BUT, I also have to say that having my sixth child (that feels so weird to say) :-) I also know what you NEED and what you can live without-it isn't like having your first-but some things are really needed and some do make life easier too! :-)

We got our photo book for Abigail together that our agency lets us send over to Ethiopia for her to look at (mostly chew on) it has pictures of adam, I the kids and a couple of her in it...it will be sealed with a big kiss from us that is for sure. It is all we can send her until we pick her up!
As I was going through some totes in the garage this week, I came across these two baby doll twins that I got when I was just a little girl and the cabbage patch craze was going on. I dressed and undressed so many of my babies, but NEVER these-they still have the original everything down to the diaper. I still dont remember WHY I got them or asked for them way back then, but now I know-because someday God knew that I would have a little girl that needed them and would put them to good use! Amazing! I can't wait till she plays with them one day. They are the "preemie" ones -hence the patch of hair on the girl-and are "twins" (so ya, it's also funny that I eneded up having twins too in real life).

This doll below, my mom happened to see at a garage sale near our house while I was selling cinnamon rolls-it is a handmade doll and was only $5! I snatched it up. If you are wondering why I am so excited about finding black baby dolls, you have to remember we live in Oregon-where when you go to a local store, there just are not many if any black babies....so yes, it is a good find! We want to try and find some more for her small and large and different ones. I really want to try and find her a handmade small African rag doll too.

Another adventure this week was-LOCKS FOR LOVE-I finally grew my hair out long enough to donate to Locks for Love that makes wigs for kids with cancer who have lost their hair....I got it chopped off today! Figured that I would do a pre-trip haircut and not change much after she gets home to confuse Abigail more!! Here is the before and after-go here for more information on Locks of Love-and YES you can have colored and highlighted hair, just not bleached-it needs to be 8-10 in. but if it isn't, you can still donate and they use it for bangs or to sell for fundraising. http://www.locksoflove.org/

BEFORE AND AFTER!!!! Don't mind the NO MAKE-UP look! :-) Oh and END Of DAY Look Too! O'Well
Finally about court-we got an e-mail this week from our agency that let us know that they have been notified that we won't hear our court date until sometime AFTER the courts re-open in Ethiopia sometime after September 30th...so again we WAIT-and sometime after they re-open, we will get our court dates (the first two) which will be one for Abby's representatives to go to and then the other for us to travel the first time and go to court. We anticipate this being in November sometime, and then traveling back to pick her up hopefully in December-BEFORE Christmas-is our prayer! But if not, then January.....waiting stinks, but we do get pictures regularly from other All God's Children families that are one of their two trips, and this keeps us going and we know that she is in excellent hands-probably the best that their is actually in Ethiopia as far as orphanages go-from what we have seen, heard and experienced. So we continue to wait and trust that the Lord is watching over her when we can't....it is a true walk of faith, but that's not surprising as this whole path has been! She is 10 weeks old this week!!! Time is going by and yes, we are missing it all, but we are looking at the bigger picture and that is we know she will be here soon TO STAY!!! We pray for and think of her pretty much constantly and you know, it is funny-but it is just like we think our kids that are here constantly-you know even when you are not with them, how they are in your minds pretty much all the time to some extent-they are a part of you-well, Abby is already there! We love you Abbs! Hurry home so we can kiss those ever-fattening cheeks!!!
Here are some eyes that I can't wait to see in person!!! Wish I could share her whole face-but we have to wait!!! So enjoy these precious eyes!


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  2. Love the dolls...I am in the same boat as you...they are kinda hard to come by here also...you should check out etsy.com. I hope your wait goes quickly and you will be holding little Abby in your arms soon! :)

  3. The dolls are so cute....and love the haircut! Good idea with the big changes BEFORE she comes home. Those little eyes are so precious...and give me hope! =)


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