"But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow, be patient! For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day." Habakkuk 2:3

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We are here, we met our kids! But need prayers cause we didn't pass court

Hi everyone-I just have about 10 minutes before our driver picks us up to take us to a 4 hour Ethiopian class and then to court this afternoon.  Internet access has been irregular and they are keeping us pretty busy so not much time to even sit down to update!
The first day here, we got to go to our driver's house-the one that we used with Seble's adoption and have kept contact with and see his boys and wife-it was a great reunion!  They are doing well, and it was good to see them.  They did a coffee ceremony for us again-it was special.
We then went again to visit the place that Seble was found.  There are just not words for the emotions that this brought up.  How do you describe to someone what it is like to know that your baby girl laid all alone on the side of a road-so tiny that she wouldn't have survived the night if someone wouldn't have found her?!  My mom-heart cried out as I looked at the place she was left and then found.  How could someone leave MY baby on the road in the dark and cold?!  What desperation she must have felt to turn away and leave here there-my heart cried out, dear God, how could this be, how could this happen?!  My heart broke as I now KNOW this baby girl, she is my baby and to imagine her there all alone, I know and have to tell myself that the Lord was totally and 100% with her and that HE had a plan-what heartache and sorrow was there, has now been turned into His glory and His plan for her life to be in our family
Our driver reminded me of an all too sick fact when he said, "At least she is safe now and the dogs didn't get her".  Oh, ya, thanks-that helped!  But it is true and it is what happens to the abandoned babies here-so I know he was just trying to help.
Oh the pain that adoption has in it, but oh what redemption it also has.  God is good-all the time and He watched over her little soul.  As hard as it was to see this again, it is good for me to be able to really focus on how much He has His hand on her life and that someone's sacrifice to give up their child, has brought such a blessing and gift to our lives.  I pray that Seble's birthmother will know God's grace and that someday, I can throw my arms around this poor woman and offer her the comfort that we are so grateful to her for giving our baby life.  This is the one thing that I want someday.  I wish with all my heart I could tell her that she is loved, safe and healthy and very much ours!
Ok, on to yesterday-WE MET OUR KIDS!!!!! We first met with the social worker and she went over again their story.  I started crying as I heard of their loss and how they have to leave their close family member and how she loves them and was brought to emotional anguish at the decision that she had to make to leave them in an orphanage.
I choked up as the social worker told us that she had set the kids down last week before we came, and told them that they have a MOM and a DAD that wants them.  She said the little boy didn't believe her-he said, "No, really"? She reassured them that yes, it was true and he was so happy.  We then went to meet them and he came down first-he came right up to me and gave me a big hug!  Thank you Jesus!  I was so worried that they would reject us.   He speaks pretty good English. She is shy-but both have great senses of humor! A gift from God was that when we left the first day, he hugged me and said, "BYE MOM!" SO sweet! Couldn't believe it. She came up and said Bye really softly and kissed my cheek... She is precious with a great smile! They are both smart, and sang songs to us!
Ok, so kind of sad/bad news is, we didn't pass court! They are missing the birthfather's death certificate-so MOWA (Ministry of women's affairs here) won't approve the adoption until they get it! And in turn, the Judge can't approve adoption until MOWA does- So now of course I am worried that they won't find it after all this!! ugh...
I guess the father lived in a different city then he actually died in and it was several years ago. Pray please! Thanks. Judge said as soon as they get it-we will pass. They tentatively set the date to have it by JUNE 11th-so that is significant and I have to believe an "it's gonna be ok" from God as it's our anniversary and Seble's BD... Our agency/workers over here are sure they will find it....but I am so scared that they won't after all this, meeting the kids, money, etc....I know God has this, but it is hard. Why didn't they know this before-maybe they thought it didn't matter as the family member gave consent and father hasn't been in picture for several years? We don't know-they just keep telling us- "Pray and God knows" over and over....
So, We met them yesterday, saw them today and will see them last time tomorrow before we fly out tomorrow night...this will be SO hard especially not knowing-how can we tell them we will be back if we are not 100% sure? Our agency here has been looking for a couple days or so (not sure) and the place they thought the death certificate is-it wasn't there-so they have to find it. I keep telling myself that I can rest in Him, HE is in control, He knows the plan-that's all I can focus on right now. Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Holding you all in our hearts, thoughts and most especially prayers. Hugs:)
    Michelle (Florida)

  2. I felt a roller coaster of emotions reading this...I can only imagine what you felt. God has blessed you in so many ways, he will not fail you now. BELIEVE my friend, your faith is strong!

  3. Does Ethiopia have a department of vital statistics where a copy of the death certificate can be obtained?

    The June 11 date seems symbolic what with that being Seble's assumed birthday and your anniversary.

    It is so great that the children speak English. I had wondered if they would know it.

    The children sound so excited about getting to have a Mom and Dad. I will pray that the needed paperwork is found quickly.


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